Mujezat Al-Shifa General Trading Company

Yellow Lentils

As, our organizations is a supplier of Yellow Lentil; purchasers can place wholesale orders for it, and get them at the lowest prices. A capacious warehouse and well-organized Warehouse Management System helps us in loading and unloading of all the products within a short time. We keep our inventory updated by recording warehouse transactions and delivery of goods. Yellow Lentils are free from any adulteration and are available in a moisture-proof packaging.    


Products Unit Per Box Dimensions Box Net Weight (Kg) Box Gross Weight (kg) Box in 20 Ft. Cont. International Barcode
Packet Box Length Box Width Box Height Box
Yellow Lentil 24 Packet 23 15 - 19.2 19.93 600 8961100066094
Box 39.5 30.5 32