Mujezat Al-Shifa General Trading Company

Premium Green Tea

With our modern transpiration amenities, safe and on-time deliveries are rendered by us! Our products are packed under controlled conditions to ensure their quality is not compromised and buyers are presented with brand new products. We have an ultramodern facility to pack our products. Benefits of Green Tea Green Tea has been used since the ancient times. Its value and distinct health components left an impact on curing lot of the deceases in human body.

Details :

  • Due to its vital characteristics in resisting the oxidation, it have been proved that the Green Tea reduces the risk of cancer.
  • The research conducted by the American Medical Association has proved that the Green Tea reduces the cholesterol level in blood and thus minimizes the heart attack risks.
  • It helps in loosing the weight, delays the aging signs of wrinkles and refreshes the body and skin to look fresh.
  • Green Tea helps to cure tooth decay and gum decease as it contains Fluorine.
  • It contains Vitamin C, which protects from diabetes.
  • Green Tea doesnt cause insomnia like black tea. Hence, drinking Green Tea is a Royal Trend, which has no bad effect but brings only benefits to the life. So, begin with it now to remain fit & healthy.


Products Unit Per Box Dimensions Box Net Weight (Kg) Box Gross Weight (kg) Box in 20 Ft. Cont. International Barcode
Bottle Box Length Box Width Box Height Box
Premium green tea 250g 18 Bottle 9 9 14.5 4.5 8.1 720 8961100068821
Box 39 30 31
Premium green tea 130g 12 Bottle 8 8 12 1.56 2.4 2800 8961100068807
Box 34 26 13