Mujezat Al-Shifa General Trading Company

Mountain Sader Honey

Serving the markets of kuwait(Kuwait) and nearby area, we offer top-notch quality range. Each consignment of ours is packaged carefully utilizing premium packaging supplies and technologies in order to maintain the products' environment and quality during shipping and handling. The sizes are available in 300 g and 600 g.


Defination : Luxury natural honey extracted by bees from the jujube nectar (jujube plant) derived from the acanthoid subfamily that grows in arid mountains in the Arabic island and the surrounding areas. This honey is known by its high nutritional characteristics and it is requested by the citizens of these regions because of its multiple particularities and they used to offer it in the ancient time as gifts for kings and leaders as a sign of love and respect.

Benefits :

  • Strengthens the nervous system, helps reduce gases, and a perfect soothing agent for nervous colon, gastric and duodenum ulcers, allergy, gout, joint pains.
  • It removes hyper acidity, and is applied topically on wounds and burns. It strengthens the heart, and is very useful for insomnia, migraines, and anemia. Useful for pregnant women and the nutrition of the fetus, and can be used for eye diseases after being diluted with distilled water.


Mode of Use : Take one tablespoon of honey dissolved in half a glass of lukewarm water. This helps your body absorb all its beneficial properties. Give half a tablespoon to children three times daily, one hour before meals. And to keep you healthy, Mujeza Honey can be consumed as desired.


Products Unit Per Box Dimensions Box Net Weight (Kg) Box Gross Weight (kg) Box in 20 Ft. Cont. International Barcode
Bottle Box Length Box Width Box Height Box
Honey of Mountain Sader 300g 12 Bottle Box 6 6 9.5 3.6 6.28 2592 8961100068487
34.4 25.5 12.5
Honey of Mountain Sader 600g 12 Bottle Box 8 8 12 7.2 12.28 2073 8961100068463
34.4 25.5 12.5